Top 3 Uses of X-Rays in Radiography

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It has been rightly remarked and aptly proven by experts that the greatest discoveries or inventions were all made by accident. The coincidental discovery of X-rays by Sir Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen is one such incident that opened new doors to diagnostic radiology. Its successful application in the field of medical science offers an array of benefits to the human civilization and ensures our overall well-being. Thus, the discovery of x-rays is indeed a breakthrough in the field of radiographic imaging. To be more precise, X-ray uses paved way for rapid advancement in both medical and industrial radiography. This blog brings to you the top three X-ray waves uses in different spheres of our life.

How X-Ray waves work miraculously?

As we already know, X-ray waves are high energy electromagnetic waves with a wavelength ranging between 0.01 to 10 nanometers. Interestingly, X-rays are shorter than UV rays but are longer than gamma rays. The X-rays properties exhibited by them make them truly versatile. When x-rays come in contact with human tissues then owing to their differential penetrating power they produce an image on a radiographic x-ray film. It is evident that organs that are made up of soft tissues do not absorb X-rays or electromagnetic waves. On the contrary, denser tissues like bones absorb high energy radioactive waves.  The mechanism is quite similar to that of obtaining an image on a camera film. The dark areas on a diagnostic radiographic image show soft tissues or organs while the lighter areas show the structure of denser ones inside the body.

Now that we have an idea about how much helpful X-rays are for us, let us have a bird’s eye view of the top 3 X-ray Uses:

Diagnostic Radiography: The latest technology in the field of medical science coupled with the discovery of X-rays waves have given birth to a revolutionary idea that puts X-rays to work wonderfully in the field of diagnostic radiology. The high energy electromagnetic waves are pretty helpful to accurately study and diagnose the human anatomy. This subsequently helps in corresponding imaging and treatment of broken bones and denser tissues.

Industrial Radiography: Two types of devices are used in industrial radiography. However X-rays as well as gamma rays both are used in the process yet their application is different for different purposes. For instance, as X-rays create a very clear picture in radiographic imaging the devices are generally used on a large scale especially in big factories or health care centres. On the other hand gamma rays devices that are used in industrial radiography are smaller in size and thus are comparatively more popular. Here, the high energy electromagnetic waves are successfully applied to have an idea about the internal structure of the objects or inspection of welding etc. The most common application of x-rays for industrial radiography is for the purpose of security checks at the airports and cargo screening.

Treatment: There are several equipment like Computed Tomography Units and other Mammography devices that employ X-rays get a detailed analysis of the issues with the help of a three-dimensional image. Fluoroscopy is a similar technique that helps to study cardiac movement or real-time structures inside it. Likewise the process of cardiac angioplasty uses fluoroscopy technique to open up the blocked arteries. X-rays also help in the treatment of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells or tumours.

A great old saying goes, “Technology is a bad master but a good slave”. The advent of modern era has undoubtedly pushed us towards growth and progress in almost every walk of life. The implementation of X-rays in the realm of medicine is no less than a boon but we must not ignore the corresponding hazards of radio imaging technology as well as X-rays uses in medicine. For instance, while undergoing a diagnosis or treatment via X-rays we must go for quality assured diagnostic radiology services only. This means we shall trust the certified equipment and authentic procedure to minimize grave radiation exposure. In short, we must put a check on the harmful effects of X-rays and diagnostic radiology. In this way, X-rays will raise our life and happiness.

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