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We Shield to Yield, a Radiation risk-free Environment

Step ahead with ENVOLTA and let our earth stay “Alive and Kicking”

The world is spinning too fast and is undoubtedly heading towards a global revolution in the field of science and technology. This death-or-glory race is leading to an increase in the amount of pollution and radiation. Today, every nook and cranny is exposed to radiation. As a result, the chances of irreversible radiation damage to both human beings and environment cannot be ruled out. Radiation safety and protection is the need of the hour.“ENVOLTA” means something that shrouds you in, for safety. We strive to save you and your loved ones from radiation hazards. We are one among the world’s top-notch radiation service providers. Now we are looking forward to carve out a niche in the global scenario.

We are one of the pioneers in field of radiation safety and protection services. Our team of experts, operating in India are committed to AERB radiation safety norms and follow proper guidelines. Our professionals use exclusive and upgraded equipment like Radiation Safety Jackets, Thyroid Collars, Radiation Monitors, TLD Badges, Radiation Survey Meters, GM Counters, etc.Evidently, our quality tested tools and techniques are the safest resort to handle radiation risks.
Our five-fold approach and outstanding services ensure radiation safety. We help corresponding industries to nourish and flourish without disturbing the ecological balance. We work upon measures to keep the environment healthy and happy. Remember, Love your planet because it loves you back.

Our Mission:
We strive to save the environment from ionizing radiation hazards.Our mission is to offer one-stop solution to radiation safety services across the country.

Our Values:
ENVOLTA values your trust and never compromises on radiation safety. We conduct authentic testing via trusted equipment.For best results the sessions are also conducted with stakeholders and investors.

Our Commitment:
We devote our high quality services to let the nation be free of radiation risks. In addition, we assist several organisations for smooth running of business. Our forte is Radiation safety and protection services. We also provide assistance in the following spheres.

  • Land Remediation
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Litigation Support
  • Testing and Analysis
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