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Making Environment Risk Free

Envolta Expertise Makes The Earth To Breath Lively

As the world is moving towards the globalization and advanced developments in the field of science and technology, no doubt the parameter of pollution and radiation level degrading the purity of the environment. Radiation exists at every corner of the atmosphere. Exposure to radiation is the matter of concern for both human lives and atmosphere. Envolta is one of the best impacts in the field of radiation protection and environment safety. We are one of the world’s top-notch radiation protection and safety providing organization. We are also trying to perform as per the global benchmark in the arena of Radiation and Safety Services.

As we are known as a global front-runner in safety and radiation protection services, our professionals abide by the norm of AERB in India. Quality assured equipment’s used by our expertise, which includes Radiation Safety Jackets, Thyroid Collar, Radiation Monitor, TLD Badges, Radiation Survey Meter, GM Counters, etc.

Our valuable amenities assist the related industries to flourish their respective business. Our professional team handles within the scope and limitations. It is done in such a manner that it doesn’t affect our ecological balance.

Our Mission:

Our sole mission is to be the topmost “One Source” radiation safety service provider across the Country and to save the nature from the hazards of ionizing radiation.

Our Core Values:

We at Envolta; values each user perspectives and delivers an authentic outcome, we invest our valuable time and capital in preparing the venture. The session is also conducted with stakeholders and investors.

Service Commitment:
We are committed to offering you high-quality services to make the nation safe from radiation hazards. We assist other organizations and other institutions also for smoother execution. We also do the Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Radiology (QADR), Training, Registration, and Compliance’s as well as Radiation Protection and other allied services within our scope.

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