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Envolta is globally recognized as one of the upcoming top-notch service providers in the domain of radiological safety based in India. We focus on building a healthy relationship with our users and serve best in this industry. Our expertise shall provide quality assurance services in diagnostic radiology as per the AERB norms.

Our well experienced and BARC/AERB trained and certified professional team along with advanced instrumentation and devices will service the superlative expertise, which means your necessity to your gratification and attributed to serving quality assurance service.



Accomplished operators with experienced in all sphere of radiation facility operation and maintenance.



Decommissioning of polluted amenities.



Envolta conveys both knowledge and information for understanding the various waste processing technologies, that includes in-house designs for solid waste management.

Our Services

Envolta is just not the name, it’s a brand in the world of radiation safety services. We are the “One Source” global technology enabled service provider in the ground of certification, testing measurement, inspection, and verification.

Land remediation

Taking care of our environment today is the sustainable act for the generations of tomorrow. Land remediation deals with an exclusive process of removing contaminant materials or particles from surface water, terrestrial ground, and sediments.Read more

Radiation Safety and Protection

Radiation is the process in which energy is emitted and travels in invisible waves or rays. When an emission of energy occurs as electromagnetic waves or as atomic energy, the energy is conveyed in the form of waves or streams of particles. Read more

Environmental Protection

Nature is a unique creation of almighty. It is the government as well as our concern to safeguard our natural environment. The practice of protecting the atmosphere from the harmful influence is typically known as Environmental protection.Read more

Borescope Inspection

A borescope allows the examiner to examine the places that are otherwise inaccessible by the naked eyes. A borescope is a valuable optical tool and especially designed for non-destructive testing.Read more

Testing & Analysis

A testing analysis is a technique used for examining the material in the laboratory. Certified laboratory professionals carry out the testing analysis in the domain of fuel, oils and aviation hydraulic fluids. Read more

Litigation Support

“Litigation Support” aid Plaintiff(s) or Defendant(s) in the matter of  the pending, existing and/or future Litigation(s). It deals mainly with the subjects associated to quantification of economic damage. Read more



  • I like the level of proficiency and experience that Envolta comprises. It has outweighed the other organizations that we’ve worked with in the past. Now I will never think of starting my new project without the assistance of Envolta.

    Samita Patel
    Samita Patel
  • My experience working with Envolta was fabulous. I thank my friend for recommending me Envolta. My dream project was successful only because of Envolta.

    Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

Our Blog

The word “Blog” is a fusion of two words log and web. Our blogs are not just only creative and exclusive but is full of knowledge and facts. We cover the latest trend in the field of nuclear industry.

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Envolta is a government registered organization and serving across the sphere for the welfare of the environment and people.

Our well certified and years experienced radiation safety officers and engineers team serves you with reliable and cost-effective services. Our expertise is working as per AERB guidelines and provides quality assurance services for radioactive investigative equipment. We are honoured while providing quality services to our clients not only India but also in the UK, USA, and Switzerland.

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