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What is Radiation?

Radiation is the process in which energy is emitted and travels in invisible waves or rays. When an emission of energy occurs as electromagnetic waves or as atomic energy, the energy is conveyed in the form of waves or streams of particles. It travels through the air medium, unless and until its absorbed by the matter.

Types of Radiation:

  • Ionizing Radiation:
    It includes two types of radiation coming from both man-made (Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) as well as natural sources (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material). For example, atomic power plant, cosmic rays, and X-ray machines.
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation:
    The parameter of this kind of radiation is usually low, thus less malicious for atmosphere and ecological system. Few examples of non-ionizing radiation are ultraviolet rays (UV), radio waves, and microwaves.

Do all kinds of radiation are harmful?

It is a myth; all kinds of radiation are harmful for health and atmosphere. The intensity of the radiation mainly decides the hazards of radiation.
Nominal amount of radiation is beneficial for health, and used for the treatment of cancer, preserving frozen food, etc.

Malicious Impact of Ionizing Radiation

  • Disturbs the smooth flow of ecological balance
  • Society is easily prone to severe diseases  via, all types of cancers 
  • Extremely harmful for fetus

Envolta as a Radiation Protection Service Provider

In a general term, radiation protection is also known as radiological protection. We at Envolta, offer the best radiation protection service in India to defend the environment and all living things from the damaging influence of ionizing radiation. Our top-notch radiation safety services in India are an overwhelming gift in medical and industrial sector.

Our Radiation Protection Process:

  • Occupational Radiation Protection Send your employee’s safe from work:
    It is the prime responsibility of any Organization to provide safety and security at the workplace. The exposure of radiation level is hugely high in medical and atomic plant centre. To prevent any kind of mishap due to the terrifying impact of ionizing radiation. Therefore, we serve occupational radiation protection service or you can say radiation shielding service to our clients.
  • Public Radiation Protection:
    Knowingly or unknowingly, we are below the exposure of Radiation. It is essential to detect and reduce the intensity of the radiation, before starting any environmental project or activity.
radiation penetration


Why commit to us!

India air pollution is atrocious
  • Save’s you from all types of cancer’s.
  • Leading brand name in India as well as across the globe, Switzerland, UK and USA
  • Our well qualified RSWs, RSOs and RPA team makes sure that the atmosphere is safe, while we breath.
  • We do survey and evaluation.
  • Advanced and upgraded technology instrument via, Gamma Nuclide Identification System, model number: G Search S.r-N- 1713 and Survey meter model number: 2241-2(Auto Ranging Digital Meter, supports-GM, Proportional and Scintillation Detectors) used by our professionals.
  • Indian Government certified.
  • Function as per AERB norms.
  • Assist in maintaining the smooth run of marine and ecological balance.

Our Envolta team will be glad to answer all your questions and discuss your business objective and development, through a charismatic radiation protection amenity.

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