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What is Borescope?

A borescope allows the examiner to examine the places that are otherwise inaccessible by the naked eyes. A borescope is a valuable optical tool and especially designed for non-destructive testing.

borescope camera

Types of Borescope:

Rigid Borescope:

This kind of borescope depicts crystal clear images to the viewer. It provides by far the finest quality of the image and works effortlessly in the inspecting field of hydraulic manifold bodies, gunsmithing, fuel injectors, and automotive cylinders.

Flexible Borescope:

It is a twistable rod that is attached to the camera to the eyepiece on one end. This type of borescope is used for varieties of purpose such as for peeking into curvy pipes, vents, chimney, ducts etc.

Video Borescope:

It is popularly also known as inspection camera. A video camera is linked at the end of this device, the ability to capture the still images or video of this equipment is exclusive.

Why our borescope inspection in India is reliable?

Quality Assurance Device used by Our Specialized team!

Envolta professionals uses advanced and upgraded borescope for inspecting the medium. Our inspecting device comprises of rod lens system, a reliable lens system, fibre optic image guides a CMOS camera or CCD. Our borescope is introduced into the element being assessed, without disturbing the subject of interest.

Advanced Development in Our Borescope Inspection Service

  • High-resolution videoscope
  • Highly configured to measure minor defects, it is highly essential for examining of aircraft turbines
  • Highly elevated CMOS sensors
  • Exceedingly firm images

Use of Our Borescope

  • It is used for non-destructive testing techniques for identifying imperfections.
  • Generally used in the visual review of truck engines, automotive, aircraft engines, diesel engines, aeroderivative, industrial gas turbines etc.
  • Used for forensic application’s in law enforcement and building inspection.
  • Our borescope inspection service in India has emerged globally to control the high radiation intensity caused by aircraft engines and other sources.
  • Recognized by the Government of India, AERB.
  • Complete video recording of our inspection.
borescope inspection service in india

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