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Land Remediation

Taking care of our environment today is the sustainable act for the generations of tomorrow. Land remediation deals with an exclusive process of removing contaminant materials or particles from surface water, terrestrial ground, and sediments. This technique is performed for keeping the atmosphere pollution and Radiation free. Read more

Radiation Safety And Protection

Radiation is a type of energy. When an emission of energy occurs as electromagnetic waves or as sab-atomic energy, the energy is conveyed in the form of waves or streams of particles. It travels through the air medium, unless and until its absorbed by the matter. Read more

Litigation Support

“Litigation support” aids plaintiff or defendants in the matter of pending or existing litigation. It deals mainly with the subjects associated to quantification of economic damages. A typical litigation support attorney would be calculating financial loss resulting from the breach of contract or agreement. Read more

Environmental Protection

Nature is a unique creation of almighty. It is the government as well as our concern to safeguard our natural environment. The practice of protecting the atmosphere from the harmful influence is typically known as Environmental protection. This act is extremely beneficial for both the living beings and environment. Read more

Borescope Inspection

A borescope allows the examiner to examine the places that are otherwise inaccessible by the naked eyes. A borescope is a valuable optical tool and especially designed for non-destructive testing. Read more

Testing And Analysis

A testing analysis is a technique used for examining the material in the laboratory. Certified laboratory professionals carry out the testing analysis in the domain of fuel, oils and aviation hydraulic fluids. The specialized laboratory team provide test reports to MRO’s, Aircraft Delivery centre and Airlines.
Read more

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