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Our skillful professional team are specialized in the field of radiation protection. Our advanced radiation shielding resolution safeguards the environment and all living beings from the negative vibes of ionizing radiation and its waste products.

Official visit & Radiation Survey:

Our qualified Radiation Professionals will visit the project site and survey the entire site as and when required. Survey Meters are primarily used while classifying the intensity of the source.


Inspection Report:

After our review and successful inspection process; reports are being generated. The report will be based basically upon the intensity of the source and its Isotopes. The report also includes whether radiation is occurring from NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Minerals) or TENORM (Technologically Enhanced NORM).


Radiation Protection and Safety Solution:

Our Envolta radiation safety professionals will explain all the aspects of radiation measurement report and its hazards. Our expertise will also provide proper guideline and best probable solutions. Our expertise supervision will reduce the affect level of ionizing radiation in the atmosphere. Our radiation shielding activity will protect you from the exposure of harmful radiation and helps in maintaining smooth ecological balance.


Post Inspection Review:

After the successful installation of radiation safety solution as per AERB norms at your project or premises; our radiation safety professionals will perform the leak test after inspection and detection of the suspected source and effectiveness of the shielding. A report will be prepared by our expertise to ensure the zero leakage of ionizing radiation after shielding.



Our radiation safety and protection services comparatively require low maintenances. However, it is crucial to inspect the shielding solution at a regular interval of time for its efficient and smooth maintenances. Still, have more quarries and require more knowledge-contact us, we are happy to serve you!


Our Quality Assurance Inspecting & Detecting Devices Advantages:

  • Detection of Source
  • Measurement of source activity
  • Radiation protection & allied services
  • Identification of Source
  • Maintain allotted dose rate of radiation

Protect your close ones from the attack of the silent killer “Radiation”; ring us for radiation safety & protection

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