The top 3 differences between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

 In diagnostic radiology, Radiation Safety

The advancement of a competent medical society is largely assessed in terms of provision for basic and genuine health care facilities that are certainly reachable to everyone. In other words, reliable health care solutions do call for effective quality assurance in diagnostic radiology services. The chief goal of quality assurance in diagnostic radiology or QADR is to establish the credibility of diagnostic equipment as well as to secure the safety of everyone involved in the overall process of diagnostic radiography. It is quite human to comprehend like-sounding terms as like-meaning terms too. Generally, quality control and quality assurance are construed as synonyms but this blog post will help you to figure out the top three differences between quality control and quality assurance in diagnostic radiology.

Quality assurance in diagnostic radiology can aptly tackle the existential crisis in the medical realm.

Pointing to the aftermath of complete lockdown, the rapid spread of the COVID 19 pandemic all around the world, has brought forth grave situations for one and all. Today, the entire humanity is striving too hard to secure good health for themselves and their loved ones by all possible means. Although the idea to stay safe and keep safe by observing all norms of the new normal is working yet the chances to fall prey to severe health issues remain red-flagged.

We all are very well aware of the term quality as it plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Intelligently, we all prefer quality over quantity and money. Likewise, quality assurance in diagnostic radiology done by a suitable agency or by an authentic service provider holds immense value for the smooth functioning of all medical business procedures. It is sad to note that there are several health care institutions and diagnostic centers that still lack adequate quality assurance for their instruments done by authorized agencies like Envolta. Moreover, several health workers and medical professionals either deliberately ditch TLD badges or refrain from using updated personal dosimeters. These practices often lead to serious health hazards in the field of diagnostic radiography and also increases the chances of ionizing radiation exposure. On the contrary, proper quality assurance done by trustworthy organizations provides authenticity to the health care facilities coupled with all safety measures to eliminate potential risks of radioactive contamination to inpatients, medical personnel, and the environment.

Let us chalk down the top three differences between quality assurance and quality control in brief

Prevention:Quality Assurance is preventive as it focuses mainly on the approaches, technological processes, and the corresponding methods about diagnostic radiology. On the other hand, Quality Control focuses on picki9ng out the defects or highlights the flaws to assist in improvement.

Monitoring: Quality assurance activities are related to the production monitoring and verification of the instruments used in diagnostic radiology while quality control ensures the suitability of a product or service for use.

Credibility: Quality assurance by a certified agency is pretty effective to run any diagnostic center as it ensures better protection and establishes your market value along with soaking in the trust factor among people, more than Quality Control.

Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, and polymath once remarked that Quality is not an act, it is a Habit. Now, you can be double sure for safety with our trusted quality assurance in diagnostic radiology services. After all, asking for quality assurance is your right, and getting the QA done is your duty. To know more, call us today.

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