Are Medical Radiographers the Real Warriors in the current Covid19 crisis?

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Radiography in medical science or the field of medical imaging is gaining stronger grounds than ever before. Today, the rapid spread of the coronavirus worldwide has led the countries to contemplate unconventional tools to not just detect or diagnose the virus but also to eliminate it successfully. Owing to this, radiography or medical imaging technology has turned out to be one of the most reliable and a very convenient solution to diagnose and consistently monitor the medical conditions of the symptomatic or asymptomatic patients carrying the Nobel-coronavirus inside their bodies. This blog post will help you to understand how radiographers or medical radiography experts not only lead the battle against the deadly virus but also strive to bag the winning crown for the human race.

Being Humane is the Common factor in Medical Radiography and COVID19

The human saga of evolution has been quite fascinating since the very outset. Simultaneously, the human inquisitive mind has been consistently trying too hard to keep up the pace with it. Our journey through the ages has witnessed innumerable epidemics and wars that brought forth immense destruction. The recent blow to the rapidly advancing human civilization is the coronavirus pandemic that has played havoc with countless lives. Fortunately, mankind is still clinging on to the hopes of wiping off the covid19 threat completely from the global canvas. There are several symptoms that indicate the infection in human beings but on the contrary, we have very limited sources to diagnose, verify, and monitor the coronavirus. The most common test prescribed by health care professionals for primary screening of the infected patients is the RTPCR but there is also no denying the fact that nowadays diagnostic radiography is reaching new heights in the probable treatment of coronavirus. In a nutshell, radiographers are the forerunners to the total process of containing the reckless spread of the coronavirus.

Medical Radiographers or Diagnostic Radiography Experts are the Supreme Strikers

It is pretty interesting that a medical radiographer is a person who can see the inner you even in dark. A medical imaging technologist commonly referred to as a radiographer is a trained professional who helps us to produce several Computed Tomography(CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging or MRI scans along with other medical images to assist medical practitioners and clinical radiologists to diagnose, monitor, and prescribe the mode of treatment as required. The application of radiography in the medical realm includes diagnostic as well as therapeutic usage. The expert radiographers go for a typical technique wherein a certain magnitude of x-rays or other radiation is at first absorbed by the body and later images are obtained depending upon the density and/or structural components of the object.

Although radiographers do not give results directly to the patients yet they play a pivotal role in the overall process of screening, verification, and subsequent therapeutic treatment of the patients affected by a coronavirus. The COVID19 enigma is rigorously pushing its limits and is all set to engulf the humanoid species way too easily. Scientists and medical researchers practicing in different corners of the world had come up with several interesting ideas to employ diagnostic radiology and medical imaging techniques to counter the coronavirus epidemic. Radiographers or medical radiography experts follow the system that naturally offers minimal physical contact between patients and the radiological staff. Thus, it prevents further infection among people. The medical images like CT scan or Chest X-Ray (CXR) image thus obtained are accurate, comprehensive, and way helpful to diagnose the level of infection inside the lungs. Additionally, the images thus obtained provide a clear indication of the overall health of the concerned patient.

Radiography has been tested on the touchstone of utility for us several times. This particular subject had established its credibility even in the present scenario of a universal crisis. Conclusively, radiographers are truly the heroes who are diligently fighting the war with the pandemic so that mankind can sustain and life continues to bloom with all vigor and beauty.

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