Save Yourself from the harmful Effects of Ionizing Radiation

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What everyone must know about Ionizing Radiation

Human Beings are continually being exposed to naturally occurring radiation present in the environment while some are generated through man-made sources. Such sources of Radiation that have sufficient energy above a certain amount are termed as Ionizing Radiation. It is the energy released by the atoms in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles. Electromagnetic waves can be in form of X-Rays or Gamma Rays or in the form of sub-atomic particles such as protons, neutrons, alpha particles, and beta particles

It cannot be detected through our senses, but can easily be detectable accurately by certain electronic equipment such as Geiger counter and other devices. Its energy is sufficiently high enough to damage human cells after a certain permissive level.

Sources of Radiation Exposure

Natural Sources: Includes radiation from the ground, building materials, air, food, the universe, cosmic rays and even from other elements present in the body.

Man-made sources: Includes nuclear power sources and medical devices such as X-Ray Equipments as well as radioactive materials used in medicine, research, and industries.

Health Risks from exposure to Radiation

Exposure to a higher dose of Ionizing radiation can increase the rate of illness or death, especially prone to cancer, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, and alterations in the DNA and is more detrimental and damaging to living cells and organisms against per unit of energy deposited. Common health hazards include lack of concentration and irritability.

According to Nobel Peace Prize Winner Devra Davis, an average There are infinite ways where an Individual can get exposed to harmful radiation that can range from the average. Factors which may lead to exposure of Ionizing Radiation includes: person in India has an exposure rate of five to ten times higher than that of USA.

Contribution of Natural and Man-made radiation to Public Exposure

  • Medical Reasons
  • Occupational Hazards
  • Through airborne radioactive materials (such as dust, liquid, aerosols) which may get deposited on skin or clothes.
  • A human can get exposed to radiation in different situations as in the home or in public areas, workplace and medical care areas.
  • Increased exposure of Cosmic rays due to long distance flying.

The human breathes in radiation since that becomes a trend of self-harm, risking life in scientific artifacts

Ionizing radiation has been since the origin of life and part of the Natural environment. Human and other living organisms are widely exposed to radiation and the only way to control any radiation exposure is by availing radiation safety protection services.

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