Is Cigarette Smoke being Radioactive? Know from us!

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Hey folks! we often say smoking is unhealthy it causes cancer, but we ever thought why is it so? Thanks to years of research, the connection between cancer and smoking is clearly visible now. The tobacco used to make tobacco products like cigarettes contains a small number of radionuclides. The toxic chemicals present in the tobacco smoke is the main reason of cancer, however, radiation also plays a vital role. Thus, Smoking counts several deaths around the globe which is much higher than the deaths caused by suicide, alcohol, homicide, AIDS, car accident and illegal drug combined. However, the good news is that many of these deaths are preventable simply by giving up smoking.

We tell you why smoking cause cancer risk?

The tobacco leaf contains radioactive carcinogen chemicals via Lead 210 (Pb210) and Polonium 210 (Po210), which is found when tobacco is lightened up. On the other hand, tobacco also contains carcinogens that are nonradioactive. Due to various scientific studies, it has been proved that the chances of “Lung Cancer” is much higher as compared to smokers than non-smokers. People who are chain smokers inhale a considerable amount of tobacco smoke and are exposed to a higher concentration of radioactive materials.

Cigarettes are no doubt made of tobacco, as the smoker puff cigarette the radioactive elements Pb210 and Po210, which emits alpha and gamma radiation mostly are settled in the lungs of smokers. As the time gradually passes away these radioactive elements become the leading cause of lung cancer or bronchitis failure.

It is to be noted that smokers are not the only one who gets affected by the radiation in a cigarette but the people nearby them also inhaled radionuclides as well.

How long Does it take for a Smoker to be Affected with Cancer?

  • A Predicting exact time when a smoker will get affected with cancer is not possible
  • Sometimes it takes several years for the DNA damage and sometimes just a year or two
  • Current studies show that for every 15 cigarettes smoked is a DNA change, which causes the cell to become cancerous

Few Surprising Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke

  • Polonium-210 – highly radioactive material
  • Lead & cadmium- use in battery
  • Beryllium- use in nuclear reactor
  • Nickel- use to protect metals from corrosion
  • Arsenic- It is a poison
  • Vinyl chloride- used to produce vinyl products & plastic

Benefits of Quitting smoking

  • Risk of lung- related cancer or diseases reduces
  • Prevent from cardiovascular diseases and arthritis
  • Beneficial for health and family
  • Helps in reducing the radioactive pollution in the atmosphere
  • Enhance fertility both in men & woman
  • Save from oral diseases
  • Helps in the fight back against depression

Love your Family, say “No” to Smoking. Smoking not only kills you but it brings sufferance to your close ones also. Quitting smoking is not as easy as having a pie but do always remember nothing is “impossible” in this world when it comes to family & loved ones.

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