Nuclear Reactors in India Safety and Security Current Status


Envolta R & D team Members and Advisor participated in 2nd Conference on Nuclear Reactors in India Safety and Security Current Status held in Ramakrishna Mission, Golpark, Kolkata, 28th – 29 th February 2024.

Special Thanks to the Convenor Dr Santanu Datta.
Sponsor: Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.
Organized by: Indian Physics Association, Kolkata.
Initiative by: Kalpana Chawla Center for Space and Nano Sciences                                                                         

Enriched with Some outstanding Lecture Series by Honorary Dignitaries.

  • Dr. Ranjan Bhaumik ( ex Nuclear Science Centre) – Nuclear Fission and Energetics
  • Dr Tapan Mukhopadhyay (ex BARC, HBNI) – Basic Nuclear Reactor
  • Dr K P Singh (BARC) – India’s Vision for future Nuclear Reactor
  • Mr Abhishek Basak (BARC) – Molten Salt Reactors
  • Mr. Samir Hajela (Nuclear Power Corporation of India – NPCIL) – Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Security of Indian Nuclear Power Plants
  • Dr Tapas Bandyopadhyay (ex VECC) – Basic Dosimetry and Emergency Issues
  • Dr Anutosh Chakrabarti (ex-NPCIL) – PHWR and Advance Reactors
  • Dr Saila Bhattacharya (ex VECC) – Cosmic Reactors
  • Dr. Arun Nayak (Department of Atomic Energy) – Imperatives of Nuclear Power for an Ambitiously growing India and Radiation Phobia

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