Top Five Benefits of Photovoltaic Cells

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“Solar Power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet- nobody taxes the sun yet,” remarked Ms. Bonnie Raitt, the famous American singer, guitarist, songwriter, and activist. These golden lines, truly reflect the importance of solar power. Currently, the world is facing a huge energy crisis. As solar energy is emerging as the most promising source of energy on earth, let us find out the ways to use it for cleaner and greener electricity production.

Solar Energy- an unconventional overview

Aditya, the sun God, has been one of the most powerful deities ever worshipped by mankind. Egyptian Civilization is probably the most famous sun-worshipping culture. They personified their belief, into the sun-god “Ra”, who became the dominant god in Egyptian religion. According to certain mythologies, the Sun is said to be the creator of all forms of life. The ancient Indian and Chinese cultures also believed in the supremacy of the Sun. Historical evidence and several other artifacts are flooded with evidences for the same. Ages passed and civilizations evolved but our dependence on the sun has remained intact with time. However, the reason for solar energy still lagging behind its counterparts is the lack of widespread awareness and keen human interest.

It is quite evident that directly or indirectly, each and every source of energy is dependent on the Sun. This implies solar energy is the ultimate source of energy on the earth. The world is spinning fast and is heading towards development at a much faster pace. Consequently, leading to reckless exploitation of the limitedly available resources. Therefore, our excessive dependence on natural resources and their consistent depletion will certainly leave us empty-handed in the future.

The mechanism behind Photovoltaic Cells

Cell refers to the basic unit of life in bio-science. Similarly, a PV cell is the basic unit for producing electricity in a solar panel. The Sun radiates energy in the form of light and heat. The incredible technology is based on the photoelectric effect i.e., the ability of matter to emit electrons when light is shone. The idea to harness solar power with the help of photovoltaic cells is gaining strong grounds worldwide. Solar energy offers immense benefits and also helps to keep the environment pollution-safe. Despite being available free of cost, it promises optimum returns on investment. Photovoltaic cells or solar cells, directly convert sunlight into electricity. Thus, installing a solar panel, consisting of several PV cells, can help to address the energy consumption needs for today and for tomorrow. Moreover, consumers can use a part of the energy generated by the solar cells and share the rest of the electricity to the power grid. In addition, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic effect can also be stored for contingency requirements. As a consequence, the overall process of utilizing solar power via photovoltaic cells ensures both energy savings and savings on energy as well.

Let’s chalk out the top five benefits of photovoltaic cells or solar cells:-

Smarter and Faster– It has been rightly said that smart work pays more than hard work. Photovoltaic cells, work smartly and save a lot of effort and time. They directly convert light energy into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The solar cell panels are unobtrusive and support distributed power generation making PV cells fast and efficient.

Eco-friendly– When it comes to clean energy, solar electricity is absolutely feasible. Today, environmental pollution is getting on the nerves and experts are seeking an alternative to fulfill extensive energy requirements. Photovoltaic cells do not generate harmful greenhouse effluents or any hazardous by-products, rather they keep the environment hale and hearty.

Free of Cost– Sunlight is available free of cost. Solar panels, simply utilize it to produce electricity, pushing down the cost of electricity generation to much lower levels. A residential solar panel ensures tremendous benefits to the consumers, in the long run.

Low Maintenance– PV cells work on the simple principle of conversion of energy. Solar cells are generally not affected by extreme climatic conditions. They offer multiple benefits at a quite less cost of maintenance.

Easy Input– Residential solar panels are pretty easy to install and they seldom interfere with consumer lifestyle. Electricity generation by PV cells is quintessential to heal the environment. The key to minimize our dependability on exhaustible natural resources rests upon the proper utilization of solar energy.

In a nutshell, solar energy is all set to rule the future energy market, globally with all its benefits. PV cells are sure to pave for a better world to live in. So, let’s join hands to harness solar energy to the fullest and keep the sun, shining through our lives every day.

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