India Nuclear Business Platform Exhibition and Conference:


Envolta participated as an Exhibitor and Sponsor of 4th Edition India Nuclear Business Platform Exhibition and Conference 2023, Assess and Access the Indian Nuclear Market, CIDCO Convention Centre, Mumbai. Our eminent R&D team members was representing Envolta’s diversified wings in Atomic Domain and its indigenously designed IOT based Electronic Device: “IOT based Performance Display System” related to Radiation Safety highlighting Make in India prospect in this esteemed conference.

Envolta privileged to be a part of this International arena along with the others Nuclear Super Giants from Russia, USA, South Korea, India, France.

Organizer: Nuclear Business Platform
Theme: Accelerating Nuclear Scale-up, Enabling Faster Transition
Event Partners: Department of Atomic Energy India (DAE) and National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

The conference enriched with panel discussion and diversified topics to bring forth the meticulous insight of India’s nuclear leadership on the strategic overview for India’s clean energy transition and nuclear development; Reassessing energy mix to achieve climate objectives, sustainability, power reliability, energy security and affordability; Drawing energy projections and envisioning India’s nuclear power status in 2047 when India will be celebrating 1st centenary of its independence; and deliberating key policy, legal, financial, regulatory imperatives to draw a roadmap to speed up nuclear scale-up in the country.

Important Topics of the Conference

  • Energy Transition Vision, Policy and Roadmap for Nuclear Scale-up
  • Getting Nuclear into Action to Make Net Zero Possible
  • Envisioning Nuclear Power for India @2047
  • Strategic Overview of Nuclear Development to Meet Energy Transition Objectives
  • Delivering Nuclear at Scale and Speed
  • Significance of Nuclear in Making India a Developed and Decarbonized Economy, and Creating Start-up and Large Scale Job Opportunities
  • Overview of Indian SMR Market and SMR Program, Opportunities and Supply Chain Imperatives
  • Developing Regulatory Frameworks and Licensing Approach for SMRs
  • SMR Technology Development, Roadmap for Commercial Deployment in Power Sector and Wider Applications in Non-electric sectors
  • Perspectives on International Collaborations, Private Participation and Decentralization for Achieving Nuclear Scale-up and Enabling Energy Transition
  • Capital Requirements and Innovative Financial Instruments in Nuclear Sector
  • Evolving business models in nuclear sector and addressing the policy issues, legal hurdles, regulatory challenges, capital raise, civil liability, insurance for enhanced private participation and global partnerships
  • Innovative Approaches and Best Practices for Nuclear Program Delivery of Large Reactors and SMRs
  • Global Experience of Managing Project Delivery and Cost Schedule
  • Contract Modelling and Best Management Practices
  • Managing Emerging Complexities and Uncertainties of Large Reactors and SMRs Programs
  • Insight on Indian Regulatory Frameworks and Best Safety Practices
  • New Approach to Equipment Qualification for Enhanced Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Radiation Monitoring and Radiological Protection
  • ISO-19443: New Approach to Nuclear Safety and Quality Management
  • Plant Life cycle management and the Scope for Digital Adoption
  • Assessing the Requirement and Impact of AI and Digitalization in Nuclear
  • Assessing India’s Fuel Security to Support Nuclear Scale-up
  • Suppliers Qualification for New Build and Proposed SMR Program
  • Nuclear Supply Chain in India, Industry Challenges, Policy Interventions, and Support
  • Requirements to Scale up Nuclear Capacity
  • Global Efforts for Climate Change and Role of Nuclear as a Safe and Clean Power Source
  • India’s Nuclear Program and its Contribution to Nation Building and Community Development
  • Radiation and Radioactive Waste: Understanding What it Really Means
  • Role of Nuclear in Creation of Economic and Job Opportunities: Mapping of nuclear job requirements for upcoming Nuclear Program and parallel job opportunities


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